Flu Prevention -- 12/03/2009

The Coho Oceanfront Lodge is dedicated to ensuring all measures are taken by our staff members, for a clean and safe environment. We use products that thoroughly disinfect all public areas, convenient access to hand sanitizer, and communicate flu prevention tips to all guests and employees.

Don't let the seasonal flu stop you and your family from your holiday plans and winter vacations. There are easy ways to avoid the flu. Here are some easy tips to remember:
  • Wash your hands frequently, and make sure your kids do the same. If you don't have a sink handy, use an alcohol-based sanitizer gel or wipe. Look for ones that contain at least 60% alcohol.
  • Keep your family's immune system strong with regular sleep, and lots of fruits and veggies. If you know anyone who's been sick, stay away for now.
  • Cover your mouth with your elbow when you cough or sneeze, and remind your kiddos to do the same.

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