Rockin the Rokkaku

Rockin' The Rokkaku in LC

Named as one of the best places to fly a kite by Kitelines Magazine in 2010/2011, Lincoln City Oregon will let their colored wonders fly for the 27th annual, Summer Kite Festival, June 25th - 26th. This year's events will feature building your own kites, running of the bol (kites), and even a massive Rokkaku display. This will be a two day event, so before it is to late, reserve your room at The Coho Oceanfront Lodge for a couple of nights to make sure you get a chance to enjoy everything this festival has to offer.

Did you know, the Grey Whale migrates over 10,000 miles each year?
Soundwave Music Festival June 11th - 19th

Lincoln City and the central Oregon coast will be energized by Maestro Yaacov Bergman conducting classical works from composers such as Haydn and Mozart, and by the world premiere of jazz master Dick Hyman’s musical portrait of a conversation between piano, violin, and a full orchestra.  For more information, click here.
Soundwave Music Festival
Coastal Exotic Car Show June 17th - 19th

Live music, art, wine, exotic animals and of course exotic cars both vintage and new age will be featured at this year's Oregon Coast Exotic Car Show. All benefits of this year's show will go the Oregon Coast Aquarium. For more information, call 503-702-4186 or visit the website by clicking here.
Coastal Exotic Car Show
Bay-Front Street Festival June 11th

This year, Lincoln City will be the host of even more vendors and music at The Bay-Front Street Fair, happening June 11th. The festival will take place on SW 51st street from 12pm - 6pm. Art vendors and bands from across the Pacific Northwest will set up at the Cultural Center as well from 9am - 7pm. For more information call 541-557-1110, or click here.
Bay-Front Street Festival
Chinook Winds Celebration June 24th - 25th

Chinook Winds Casino will be celebrating their 16th year of being in business, with raffles, a performance by Aaron Lewis and a large fireworks display. Raffles and concerts will start around 8pm, with the fireworks display starting at 10pm, after the concert on Saturday, June 25th. For more information, please click here.
Chinnok Winds Celebration
Hawaiian Small Plates Demo June 25th

There will be a Hawaiian Small Plates Demo class at the Culinary Center in Lincoln City from 11AM - 2PM on June 25th. The cost will be $50 and includes a meal and wine. For More Chef Sharon Wiest at 541-557-1125, 800-452-2151 or visit the Culinary Center's website by clicking here.
Hawaiian Small Plates Demo
Always something going on at The Coho Oceanfront Lodge!
Beach Bonfire Package

Beach Bonfire Package Only $49

Celebrate the coming of the long and warmer days of summer, with a beach bonfire package. The package comes complete with everything that you need for a roaring bonfire. The best part, this package can be added to any room at The Coho. For more information about the package,
click here.

Go Green and Help Keep The Word Beautiful

Go Green and Help Keep The World Beautiful

The Native American story of Salmon teaches us if we crave for the fruits of the earth, we must respect Mother Nature. To view a list of everything that The Coho Oceanfront Lodge is doing to go green, click here. To find out what you can do to limit your environmental impact, click here.

Free Soda!

Free Soda! Just for checking in on Facebook

The Coho Oceanfront Lodge is offering a free, Virgil's soda, to any guest who "check in" online, on our Facebook fan page and physically in person. In order for us to track who has checked in, you need to "like" The Coho fan page, before you "check in". For more information, please call 541-994-3684.

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